About Us

Builder measuring between wooden beams of a ceiling

We love a challenge. And when you work in construction and electrical contracting, they are in plentiful supply!

At WT Construction, we relish the opportunity to create a new building in our clients’ vision or help them make better use of an existing space. From planning to completion, we work hand in hand with you to make your dream home a reality.

Problems don’t phase us. When we were part-way through a timber-framed new build, the supplier of the timber frames when into administration. No problem! We created the rest of them in our own workshop, applying the same high-quality standard to our joinery as to the rest of our work.

In our many years of electrical contracting, we have seen everything – the good, the bad and the downright dangerous. At Ties Electrical, we give our clients peace of mind through both the quality of our work and our service.

We have installed power supplies in buildings 400m away from the mains power supply and have worked around machinery and other obstacles to upgrade lighting in agricultural settings.

Having a builder in your home or a contractor on your premises can be an inconvenience, and for some, an intimidating experience. Our team are friendly and respectful, and although they do love a cuppa, they’ll be as inconspicuous as possible if work is carried out when your family and customers are around.



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